What are the Advantages of Using an Ethernet Private Line?

Ethernet private lines (EPLs) offer numerous advantages to multisite businesses who wish to connect their locations over a Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) using an E-LINE service type.

If this is something you’re considering, here are seven reasons why using an Ethernet private line specifically can help your business.

1) Low Latency

When you’re connecting two User Network Interfaces (UNIs) together over an EPL, you can benefit from the fact that the amount of time it takes for a packet of data – sent along a network – to get to its destination will be short. In other words, you’ll have a low latency connection.

Consequently, you won’t have to worry about delays, lags, session timeouts, or other numerous issues that are caused when a network experiences high latency.

2) Consistent Quality of Service (QoS)

Ethernet private lines also ensure that your network will have a consistent and predictable QoS. This means that you’ll have the optimum bandwidth you need; your latency will remain low; and your network’s performance will be strong.

3) High-Speed Service

The specific point-to-point design of an EPL guarantees that you’ll have the high-speed Internet service that today’s businesses need for success.

For instance, our E-LINE services (which include Ethernet private lines as well as Ethernet virtual private lines) are offered with 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 100Gbps Ethernet UNIs. They’re also available with Committed Information Rates (CIRs) or capacity in increments starting at 5 Mbps.

3) Reliable Connectivity

Besides speed, what’s one of the main characteristics consumers and businesses look for when choosing service providers? Reliability. We not only want fast speeds, but an Internet connection we can depend on. EPL connectivity offers just that.

4) Cost-Effectiveness

Another advantage of using an Ethernet private line is how cost-effective it is when compared with other service types.

EPLs are relatively less expensive than their alternatives, which is just one of many reasons why multisite businesses choose to use EPLs for their connectivity.

5) Transparency for Service Frames Between Interconnected UNIs

As is explained in MEF 6.2, a major advantage of EPL service is “the high degree of transparency for Service Frames between the UNIs it interconnects… most fields in each Service Frame are identical at both the source and destination UNI when the Service Frame is delivered.” As a result, you will have a transparent view of all of the data that is transferred across your network.

6) You Can Manage Your Own Network Infrastructure

Some businesses want control and oversight over their transport service. If that sounds like you, using an EPL might be the right solution for your business.

This is because with an EPL, you as the end user (or “subscriber” as the Metro Ethernet Forum, or MEF, defines) can actually have control over the infrastructure of your own network, which is similar to having your own dedicated circuit.

7) Back-Up EVCs for Redundancy

Because network redundancy is easy to implement, inexpensive, and protects a business’s profit, many companies choose to use a secondary connection as a proactive measure in case their first connection goes down.

If, as a business owner, you would like to have redundancy with an Ethernet private line, you can do so using a back-up Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) with redundancy protocol. You will be able to guarantee that you only have one active EVC at a time.


From low latency networks to reliable connectivity, high-speed service, and transparency for service frames, Ethernet private lines provide several benefits to businesses who are interested in an Ethernet transport service.