Independents Fiber Network Expands Fiber Optics in Northwest Ohio

Wapakoneta, Ohio —- Independents Fiber Network, the leading provider of high-capacity network services for Northwest and Central Ohio, completed a network expansion into the Wood, Lucas, Williams, and Fulton County areas of Northwest Ohio. Independents Fiber Network provides high-capacity network services that deliver reliable performance to public entities, enterprises and communication providers throughout the area.

“Independents Fiber Network’s investment in Northwest Ohio will enable area businesses to connect quickly and efficiently, expanding their communication horizons and laying the foundation for dynamic growth”, stated Tim Berelsman, CEO of Independents Fiber Network. “As part of our fiber build-out, we have established a Point-of-Presence (PoP) in the vicinity of Maumee Ohio. Our Maumee PoP provides geographic diversity with routes that bypass the city, allowing for critical diversity outside of the congestion of the central business district of Toledo.”

“This build-out is an essential component of Independents Fiber Network’s value proposition to service providers and enterprises who need secure and reliable connectivity in the area,” noted Berelsman. “The addition of our PoP in Maumee is an exciting development that further demonstrates our commitment to Northwest Ohio, one of our key markets.”

About Independents Fiber Network: Independents Fiber Network was established in 2003 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNI. Independents Fiber Network is an Ohio-based company that brings high performance, high capacity Ethernet-over-Fiber solutions including voice, video, and data services to better serve our customers. By operating a fiber optic backhaul network dedicated to serving rural and underserved communities in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, Independents delivers connectivity you can count on for mission critical operations ensuring business continuity and access when you need it most. For more information, please visit Independents Fiber Network’s website at call us toll-free at (800)634-4032.

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