Manufacturer’s Success = Efficiency

Today, we live in a constant changing market and as a manufacturer you need to be on the forefront of those changes in order to be successful. In an article written in October 2012, Rockwell Ethernet Architecture says that “becoming more responsive without sacrificing efficiency is the key to a manufacturer’s success, and can be achieved through seamless, secure connectivity across the enterprise.”

Prior to the world we live in today, manufacturers used a network with specialized hardware that often led to a more isolated system where information was not easily accessible. Now, information needs to be in real-time and on demand. The VP of Rockwell Automation added “that in order to be competitive in a global manufacturing environment, engineers need access to real-time data.” By utilizing a single network of standard Ethernet connectivity, it enables the delivery of information, helping manufacturers achieve plant wide optimization.

Ethernet connectivity is designed to connect from the device level to the end-customers IT infrastructure and across multiple applications. By moving to a single, integrated network infrastructure for plant wide use, users can now decrease their engineering time, integration risks and their total cost of ownership.

By having an improved infrastructure, manufacturers can increase their internal productivity, increase their up-time and reduce future maintenance costs. As Independents Fiber Network, we are here to improve your infrastructure. We provide fast and reliable data connectivity you can count on for mission critical operations — ensuring business continuity and access to important data when you need it most. Additionally, we give you peace-of-mind knowing that our Network Operations Center (NOC) is monitoring your network 24/7/365.

As an Ohio-based company, we have established a high performance, high capacity fiber network with a national and international reach. Independents Fiber Network, either independently or in partnership with one of our providers, can deliver the transport technology that is right for you!