Dedicated Internet Access

Looking for highly reliable internet access that can scale to meet your bandwidth and performance needs as your business grows? Look no further.

We do it by operating a high-capacity, facility-based fiber ring network architecture equipped to provide modern network service in a highly scalable and reliable manner, making our dedicated internet access the perfect fit for your business.

We connect our network through protected, diverse points-of-interconnect with multiple community-based service providers offering fiber, xDSL, wireless and cable modem broadband access services. This allows you to choose the optimal solution, from asynchronous broadband to synchronous dedicated internet access, to meet your business needs — today and tomorrow.

We provide peace of mind through our experienced, round-the-clock network operation and customer care centers located and staffed in Wapakoneta, Ohio, since 1997.

As your business bandwidth demands grow, our terabit-capable network has the scalability to meet your needs with short-duration response times.

Our network is equipped and capable of delivering a solution based on the needs of your business:

      • Scalable services-over-fiber with bandwidth from 5 Mbps to Nx100 Gbps
  • Low latency, high-quality connectivity direct to providers of bandwidth-intensive video content
  • Resilient and reliable internet access through diverse, protected connectivity with multiple upstream underlying providers
  • Access to web-based MRTG statistical graphing of your bandwidth usage
  • As much IPv4 and/or IPv6 IP space as you would need
  • Maintenance of your domain name system (DNS) associated with dedicated internet access (DIA)
  • Access to reverse DNS entries on your IP space, as required
  • Physically and logically diverse and protected internet access gateway PoPs at carrier-class offices
  • Unprotected to protected through path, port, loop, customer service node and serving office diversity
  • Term commitment options from month-to-month to 120-months along with payment options from monthly and annual recurring to term prepay to deliver a cost-effective solution that works within your budget
  • Flexible service order conditions for mid-term moves, additions and upgrades
  • Assurance we will deliver what we promise through service-level commitments


    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can wreak havoc on an entire network, causing major service interruptions and congestions in your hardware. And the threat is only growing.

    But there’s good news: Independents Fiber Network offers you real-time defense solutions to safeguard your network from DDoS attacks.

        • Monitor and mitigate DDoS threats in seconds and in real time
        • Have full protection at the edge of your network
        • Benefit from continual network usage and uninterrupted service and traffic

    We’re ready to work with you to determine the best fit for your business’ unique needs. Connect with us today to get started.