Independents Fiber Network Provides The Infrastructure For NASA Drone Research In Springfield, Ohio

WAPAKONETA, OH – Independents Fiber Network provides the underlying fiber infrastructure to serve the UAS Test Center and Complex in Springfield, Ohio. The UAS facility was just awarded a contract from NASA to develop and research drone technologies for both passenger travel and cargo delivery.


Our network has over 20 miles of fiber in the city of Springfield and has been serving local businesses for over eight years. IFN is proud to provide fiber and collocation facilities to OARnet (Ohio Academic Resource Network) at the UAS facility which allowed for them to be selected for the NASA research project. Denis Walsh, OARnet Chief Relationship Officer, stated, “Your fiber was a large part of the project and enabled us to provide a fiber ring to facilitate maximum up-time for important research sites for the state.”


“Independents Fiber Network is proud to partner with the Ohio Academic Research Network by providing vital portions of our fiber backbone to facilitate research projects across the state of Ohio.” said GM of Independents Fiber Network, Nathan Zehringer. “Through our network, OARnet and UAS facility in Springfield, Ohio will now be spearheading research for NASA. Our world-class fiber network is now literally helping to change the world.”


About Independents Fiber Network:

Independents Fiber Network was established in 2003 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNI. Independents Fiber Network is an Ohio-based company that brings high performance, high-capacity Ethernet-over-Fiber solutions including voice, video, and data services to better serve our customers. By operating a fiber optic backhaul network dedicated to serving rural and underserved communities in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, Independents delivers connectivity you can count on for mission critical operations ensuring business continuity and access when you need it most. For more information, please visit Independents Fiber Network’s website at or call us toll-free at (800)634-4032.