The New Buzz Word in Education

The relatively new word in the realm of academics is “Cloud Computing”. Cloud computing requires using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet as opposed to a local server. The “cloud” reduces the cost of IT and simplifies content management processes. So, why is cloud computing and education in the same sentence? Statistics show that within one year, cloud computing in schools is expected to consume a quarter of the IT budget and by 2017, that figure is projected to grow by 35%. Cloud computing, also, has the ability to enhance the online learning environment by providing additional resources to both the teachers and students. Additional benefits the “cloud” offers are back-up abilities, storage capabilities, remote accessibility and effortless sharing.

School systems are always looking to enhance their technology in order to jeep up with the constant changes in our digital technology age. Moving infrastructure from premises to the “cloud” makes sense for many reasons, however it requires the need for more bandwidth. In addition, to increasing bandwidth you, also, need to ensure you have effective and reliable connections to the Internet/WAN.

If you want a seamless transition to the “cloud”, you must ensure that you have an improved infrastructure and the right amount of bandwidth. As an Ohio-based company, Independents Fiber Network has established a high performance, high capacity fiber network with a national and international reach. We provide fast and reliable data connectivity you can count on for mission critical operations ensuring business continuity and access to important data when you need it most. Additionally, we give you peace-of-mind knowing that our Network Operations Center (NOC) is monitoring your network 24/7/365.