The Latest in Fiber-Optic Infrastructure Networks: Newest Projects

The economy is not the only thing that’s grown in the past few months.

Recently, Independents Fiber Network has completed several projects in the tri-state area and helped to grow our fiber-optic network for our partners and local communities.

These ongoing investments demonstrate Independents Fiber Network’s commitment to the region in extending our fiber infrastructure deeper into the urban and rural areas we serve (“Deep Fiber” initiative).

Kenton & Richwood, Ohio: New Regional Fiber Project

In late 2017, Independents Fiber Network completed a regional fiber project between Kenton and Richwood, Ohio.

The project’s goal was to install fiber between the two communities that will allow Independents Fiber Network to continue to enhance and augment our own facilities while positioning ourselves to provide a suite of services in the area.

Independents Fiber Network has invested nearly a million dollars in the project and is actively constructing a PoP (Point-of-Presence) in Richwood to ensure that we get full utility out of the investment.

The growth of our network is strategically determined by understanding our customers’ connectivity needs and the potential needs of others in the area. This sound growth policy allows us to continue to grow, but in a financially responsible way.

This network augmentation also worked to offset current third-party costs and facility constrictions we have in the area.

By securing fiber from our Connected Network Partner, Consolidated Electric Cooperative, we were able to extend this route to establish another diverse pathway to Cologix, a U.S. and Canadian data center colocation services and interconnection company.

Greenville, Ohio: Over a Mile of Fiber-Optic Cable

In the fall of 2017, Independents Fiber Network, as part of its Deep Fiber initiative, extended its network reach within Greenville, OH by adding an additional route mile to its fiber-optic infrastructure within the city.

This construction complemented previous investments in the Greenville and Darke County area as we continue to expand our footprint to better serve rural western Ohio.


Route Completed to Arlington, Ohio 

Also, as part of our Deep Fiber initiative, we recently completed a route to Arlington, Ohio. This route emanates from our existing facilities south of Findlay, Ohio, to the Arlington School located in downtown Arlington.

This route allowed for us to serve the school with our Ethernet-over-Fiber solution, and it also served to continue our strategic network expansion in the area.

In addition, this progressed a long-term goal of constructing fiber-rich facilities between Findlay and Kenton, Ohio.

Overall, Independents Fiber Network remains committed to growing our network to better serve rural areas of western Ohio, southeastern Michigan, and eastern Indiana.