The Benefits Of Switching To Our Fiber Optic Network

Independents Fiber Network has been working to make high speed fiber optic networks more accessible in Ohio. We have grown tremendously within the past year, and are now serving a large portion of Ohio. Nathan Zehringer, Director of Sales and Marketing, stated, “Independents Fiber Network has continued to grow its network throughout Ohio. In the last year, we have constructed nearly 60 miles of fiber and acquired a network in southwestern Ohio that will allow us to offer our services in even more strategically targeted areas.”

As the range of fiber infrastructure grows, fiber connectivity becomes more affordable and available. If you are on the edge about switching to a fiber network, here are a few ways our fiber network would benefit your business.

1. Speed

Fast internet speeds are important to business productivity, especially if your business relies on publishing and exchanging data files. Fiber optic internet is now faster than the highest speed copper internet connections. Fiber also provides users with faster upload and download speeds than any other alternative. 

2. Security

While wireless and copper lines can be compromised, fiber optic cables make for the most secure connection for your data. Fiber networks do not radiate signals, making it impossible to hack into or tap.  Security breaches can be incredibly costly, both financially and personally.  A fiber optic network will not only keep your classified data secure; it can save you thousands in the long run.

3. Reliability

Uptime and data transmission are very consistent and constant with fiber lines. This means fiber connectivity gives you the most reliable internet service possible. Fiber optic cables are made of glass, which is much more durable than copper. Fiber optic lines are more resistive to electromagnetic and radio-frequency interference, crosstalk, and other problems such as temperature change and water damage… resulting in no connection loss, at any time.

4. Cost

Fiber cable cost has decreased significantly within recent years, which means the price should continue to decrease. It has already become cheaper versus the alternatives in many instances. Once fiber is connected, more options open up to moving services and applications to the cloud, providing cost-savings and scalability.

5. Fast Cloud Access

A huge amount of businesses use the cloud for data storage, business apps, site hosting, etc. Fiber internet is capable of giving you the fastest access to the data and applications that you store in the cloud. This mean fewer delays for sales, customer service and communication with customers, which result in a more productive working environment.

6. Consistent Signal

Fiber optic internet signals stay consistently strong over long distances and long periods of time, while DSL or copper signal strengths tend to decrease. This is a necessity for any business or organization.

About Independents Fiber Network:

Independents Fiber Network was established in 2003 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNI. Independents Fiber Network is an Ohio-based company that brings high performance, high capacity Ethernet-over-Fiber solutions including voice, video, and data services to better serve our customers. By operating a fiber optic backhaul network dedicated to serving rural and underserved communities in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, Independents delivers connectivity you can count on for mission critical operations ensuring business continuity and access when you need it most. For more information, please visit Independents Fiber Network’s website at or call us toll-free at (800)634-4032.