Shultz Huber & Associates Case Study

By partnering with Independents Fiber Network, Schultz Huber & Associates, Inc. found a dedicated connectivity partner for their multilocation business.


Shultz Huber & Associates, Inc. is a full-service certified public accounting firm with offices in Archbold, Bryan, Defiance, St. Marys, and Van Wert, Ohio, serving diverse clientele in a broad range of industries.


Prior to working with Independents Fiber Network, Shultz Huber & Associates (SH&A) had DSL circuits through several phone vendors for all four of their northwest Ohio locations. Each office worked with a different vendor with separate contracts for fiber-optic services.

“This meant having to deal with multiple entities, which made my job more difficult,” IT Director Shane Manson explained. 

They also had decided to create a Citrix server farm in their Van Wert office, so it was clear that it was time for a change.

That’s when SH&A decided to approach Independents Fiber Network for assistance.


Independents Fiber Network proved to be an exemplary provider because they could put together the private network SH&A was looking for. This was because they had better work relationships than their previous vendors and knowledge on what SH&A needed.

Since starting work with SH&A, Independents has given this accounting firm the ability and convenience to work with one company when having multiple locations.

SH&A has benefited from Independents’ highly reliable Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services because of its scalability and easy-to-manage bandwidth.

They also take advantage of Independents’ E-LINE Ethernet Transport Service (ETS), which connects all of their locations together over one Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).


“We have now been using Independents Fiber Network for our private fiber network for nine years, and they have done a great job of being competitive with the marketplace for our area on price and bandwidth,” Manson said.

“After nine years, we have built relationships with a number of people at Independents Fiber Network, can rely on their expertise, and feel confident that relationship will continue many years into the future,” he continued.