Fiber Network Phase II Launch

Crews have started installation of Phase II which will complete the GATEway Public Fiber Network. The nearly $3 million project will facilitate connectivity among local government buildings as well as schools, non-profits and public safety facilities.

The Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC), recognizing the importance of providing businesses and residents of its member cities enhanced access to technology, completed Phase I of the 44-mile public fiber optic network in early 2020. MVCC represents the cities of Centerville, Kettering, Germantown, Miamisburg, Moraine, Oakwood, Springboro and West Carrollton.


The fiber ring drives economic development and makes it possible for communities to share resources and save money. It is the foundation to facilitate the long-term strategic goals and Smart City initiatives for MVCC cities.  

“In the year since COVID, technology has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. In many instances, working from home is the norm rather than the exception. Having access to high-speed, reliable, competitively-priced internet service is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity,” MVCC Executive Director Jay Weiskircher said. 

 Seven of the eight MVCC member cities funded the $1.14 million Phase 1 of the project. This involved using existing underground, municipally-owned fiber and installing more than 17 miles of new fiber and conduit. 

 MVCC and Independents Fiber Network (IFN) recently entered into an agreement where IFN will fully fund the $1.8 million Phase II portion of the project. Phase II involves replacing existing limited capacity fiber with the same robust new fiber and conduit installed during Phase I. IFN currently owns some of the 10 miles of fiber currently connecting Springboro and Miamisburg.  

“Independents Fiber Network is excited to provide its private capital to fully complete the GATEway Fiber Network,” said Independents Fiber Network CEO Robert Shema. “We are honored to be a part of one of the first-of-its-kind public-private partnerships that will deliver state-of-the-art technology. This partnership will also provide a revenue share to the municipalities and up to 100 gig internet service to local businesses in participating communities.”

  The partnership with IFN has saved member cities hundreds of thousands of dollars on the original project estimate.MVCC is also currently marketing the fiber infrastructure to internet service providers and telecommunication companies interested in serving residents with competitive technology services.  “The unique public-private partnership with IFN made it possible for member communities to complete this project without any additional investment of taxpayer dollars. At the end of the project, MVCC and IFN will equally split the available fiber and conduit assets which can then be sold or leased to interested technology providers,” MVCC Board Chair and West Carrollton City Council Member Leanne Nash said. 

Construction on Phase II of the GATEway Public Fiber Network is scheduled to be completed by late summer. 

 About Independents Fiber Network: 

Independents Fiber Network is a wholly owned subsidiary of CNI that was established in 2003 to better serve the voice, video and data services of its customers. We are an Ohio-based internet service provider that brings high-performance, high-capacity, Ethernet-over-fiber solutions to your doorstep. By operating a fiber-optic backhaul network dedicated to serving rural, suburban and underserved communities in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana, we’re able to deliver connectivity you can count on for mission-critical operations, ensuring business continuity and access when you need them most. 

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